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Iran: Political Actions During Rafsanjani's Funeral

Atta Kenare—AFP/Getty Images

Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani's funeral became an occasion for political action for Iranian reformists. Separate groups of people from the procession were demanding from the authorities to release former Prime Minister Reformist Mir Hossein Mousavi, as well as expressed support to former President Mohammad Khatami.

Iran's "reform era" is sometimes said to have lasted from 1997 to 2005: the length of Khatami's two terms in office. But Islamic revolution’s leaders and supporters, conservatives, saw the spread of freedom and democratic values of West as a serious threat to the revolution ideology. In any case, the reformists are a big power in Iranian political life. Thus, parliamentary elections in Iran in early 2016 were won by candidates from the reformist camp: in the 10th session of the Iranian parliament, reformists received 133 seats, while the Conservatives 125.

Though the Iranian parliament does not have a big role in the political life, the government of the Islamic Republic is fully concentrated in the hands of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, but the victory of reformists in the election will allow President Hassan Rohani to continue the policy of internal reforms. It should be noted that unlike Khatami reformist President Rouhani backed by Supreme Leader due to an agreement between the parties regarding the regional ambitions of Iran, as well as the fact that Rohani, who is trying to gather around him not only the Reformist but the moderate conservatives, emphasizes reforms more on the country's life and mainly avoid radical steps. As a result due to prudent policy of Rouhani it is still possible to avoid serious clashes between political forces, which could lead to a political crisis in Iran.

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