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US Wants to Help Armenia to Create New Workplaces

Within the framework of economic ties with Armenia, the US is trying to focus on creating new workplaces in Armenia, the former US Ambassador to Armenia Peter Thomsen noted, "Voice of America" reports.

"Initially, we wanted to switch from humanitarian assistance to the implementation of economic projects, and in the second stage, when the need for assistance is reduced, move to trade and investment, thereby creating new workplaces for Armenians," the ambassador said.

According to Thomsen, today Armenia and the US are moving to the second stage. In this regard, the former ambassador stressed the work of the Armenian Ambassador to the United States Grigor Hovhannisyan, who recently visited the leading companies in California.

Thomsen, in particular, noted: "This is a great example of diplomacy. He is trying to involve to Armenia such giants, as Google, Microsoft to make them order several programs in Armenia."

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