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Azerbaijani Schoolchildren Danced Under Armenian Composer Ara Gevorgyan's "Artsakh"

The new academic year has launched in Azerbaijan today. At the ceremony, a special dance was prepared for schoolchildren. As reports, the choice of one of the teachers fell on the composition of the Armenian composer Ara Gevorgyan, "Artsakh".

''I protested against it, but without success. Schoolchildren danced under this song, "- wrote one of the parents, whose child went to the first class, thus expressing his discontent in social networks.

It is noted that some called the composition "Artsakh" a plagiarism of the work of the Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov. However, the son of the composer Jamil Amirov in one of his interviews denied this information: "I'm tired of talking about it. Fikret Amirov does not have such a work. When people say that the Armenians stole this work of Fikret Amirov,  they put my father under blow. My father does not have such a work. "


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