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Turkish Minister to Attend Premiere of Armenian Genocide Movie

The movie entitled "Kervan (Caravan) 1915," which depicts the events that occurred in 1915 as common pain, instead of Armenian Genocide, will hit the screens in Turkey on October 6. Numan Kurtulmuş, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, will attend the premiere of this film, reports.

The Turkish director of "Kervan 1915" said this film does not attempt to show whether or not there was Genocide, but it just tells the story of a coachman, who was instructed to transfer 200 Armenians from Giresun to Aleppo, during which he "selflessly" defends the Armenians who were "entrusted" to him, from the attacks by bandits. The director of the movie stressed that on their way from Giresun to Aleppo, the characters of the film also witness scenes of massacres.

Armenian musician Suren Asatryan has composed the musical arrangement of "Kervan 1915."

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