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First Solar Power Station Opened in Armenia

The launch of a solar power plant in Armenian Talin is a real symbol of cooperation between  the Armenian government, Armenian institutions and the German-  Armenian Fund (GAF) and the German bank KfW. The project will also  pioneer the development of solar energy in Armenia - currently KfW  provides funding for 6-7 analogous stations, Vice-  Ambassador of Germany to Armenia Klaus Wendelberger stated during the launch of the Talin-1 solar power station in the city of  the same name, with a nominal capacity of 1 MW, ArmInfo reports. 

As the deputy head of the German diplomatic mission in Armenia noted, renewable energy in Armenia, as well as all over the world, is of  great importance for ensuring sustainable development and  preservation of the environment. It is also competitive in price-quality ratio, noted Klaus Wendelberger.

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