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Nowadays, Artsakh, Though Shrunken, Has a Statehood, and Its Independence is Indisputable: Artur Tovmasyan

Artsakh Republic NA President Artur Tovmasyan Sent a Congratulatory Message on the 30th Anniversary of the NKR Supreme Council of the First Convocation Formation.


30 years ago, on this day, as a result of the elections held on December 28, 1991, the legislative body of the newly created republic was formed - the Supreme Council, which at its first sitting on January 6, 1992, adopted the Declaration of Independence of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Proceeding from the inalienable right of the people to self-determination, relying on the free will of the people of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

On this occasion, I warmly congratulate the legislative body chairmen, vice-chairmen, chairmen of committees, heads of factions, deputies of all convocations and wish them health, peace and a dignified future.

Azerbaijan responded to the declaration of independence with three wars. During the first Artsakh war 11 deputies of the first convocation of the Supreme Council enlisted in the army and sacrificed their lives. Eternal glory to them, to all the heroes who died for the homeland, I bow to their sacred memory.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the NKR Supreme Council, the Artsakh Parliament intended to convene a special sitting on December 28. However, due to the widespread national quarantine announced in the Republic, no session was convened.

Nowadays, Artsakh, though shrunken, has a statehood, and its independence is indisputable. Next to the final settlement of the conflict is the issue of international recognition of the Artsakh Republic and its borders, and is unconditionally set.

The existence and salvation of the Armenian people who struggled in the crossroads of history was always conditioned by the unity and unanimity of the Armenians.

With our way of life and confidence, we must stand up for our homeland and fight for the protection of our rights. Our will and goals are unshakable, they are not subject to compromise.

We call on all Armenians for unity, mutual understanding and tolerance.

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