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Artsakh President Follows Progress of Several Large-Scale Postwar Projects in Askeran Region

President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan visited the Askeran region and observed on site the process of a number of large-scale projects launched in the post-war period.

The Head of the State first visited the area of the reservoir under construction in Patara community. The chairman of the Water Committee of the Artsakh Republic reported on the spot that the assignment of the President was fulfilled on schedule. Within 10 months, the new water pipeline feeding the water-receiving station of Stepanakert was put into operation. Currently, the construction activities of a large reservoir are underway, which is planned to be completed in 2025.

The President qualified the projects being realized as strategic highlighting that despite the current complex socio-economic problems, neseccary funds from the state budget will be allocated further on for their implementation.

Subsequently, the President visited the administrative units of Astghashen and Hovsepavan, where 149 and 92 private houses are being built with state and charity funds, respectively. According to the officials, by the end of this year, more than 150 private houses will be ready in two settlements, intended for residents of four communities of the upper sub-region of the Askeran region, as well as families of fallen servicemen.

During the visit, President Harutyunyan also attended the vineyard of "Grika Agro" CJSC established a year ago in conformity with contemporary agricultural rules, and the orange and quince orchards of "Green Land-1" and "Green Land-2" LTD companies; visited the "Best Food" refrigeration enterprise, founded by a Russian businessman in his native Khnapat village, which also grows fruits and berries. In his speech, the President emphasized once again that the intensive development of agriculture in Artsakh has no alternative, and the state is ready to encourage and support those businessmen who will establish farms that meet modern standards.

Head of the Artsakh Republic President's Office Karen Shahramanyan, ministers of Urban Development and Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Director of the Fund for Rural and Agricultural Support, Head of the Askeran Regional Administration, and other officials accompanied the President.

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