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President Harutyunyan presented newly-appointed Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan

On November 4, President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan presented newly-appointed Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan to the members of the Government and the staff of the office of the Minister of State.

In his remarks, the Head of the State acknowledged the selfless work of Artak Beglaryan and expressed confidence that he will continue applying his potential, knowledge and experience to the development of Artsakh and well-being of our people.

Presenting the new Minister of State, Arayik Harutyunyan noted that he was happy that Ruben Vardanyan accepted his offer to take over the position, since he has been with Artsakh for more than 20 years, has been by our side during the war, and after that he started to implement more active social and charitable programs in Artsakh through the "Aurora to Artsakh" project. As per the President, Ruben Vardanyan's devotion to the Motherland, his faith, strength, energy, the ability to infect others with all these and unite around the idea are extremely important for us now. His experience, opportunities, valuable connections with the whole world are simply a necessity at this stage.

"The most important thing is that he believes in the future of Artsakh. He is convinced that the future of the entire Armenian people is being determined in Artsakh, and by his actions he confirmed that there is nothing more important for him than coming to Artsakh, being here with us, and sharing our destiny with us. He is by our side, and such people should be supported as much as possible in serving the Motherland," the Head of the State underscored.

Arayik Harutyunyan assured the new Minister of State that he would enjoy the support of the President, the Government, the Parliament and the entire people of Artsakh. "You, together with us, have no alternative but to succeed. To succeed for the sake of Artsakh, for the sake of the people of Artsakh, for the sake of our right to live in our historical land, for the sake of keeping Artsakh Armenian," concluded the President.

Artak Beglaryan thanked for the opportunity he was given to serve the state and his people. "Now we have many challenges and problems, both accumulated for all this time and caused by this crisis. I really hope that the mission of Mr. Vardanyan will be successful. Our other colleagues and I are ready to stand by Mr. Vardanyan's side in order to achieve greater success together," he noted.

Ruben Vardanyan highlighted that it is a great honor and even greater responsibility to assume the post of Artsakh's Minister of State.

"I made that decision, realizing the seriousness of the situation. We must understand that now it is a patriotic war for us, a crisis situation that will require of all of us to contribute strength and efforts so that Artsakh ensures its security, subjectivity and development. If we do not realize this and do everything to achieve this goal, it will mean that we, as people with experience and opportunities, are not fulfilling our duty towards our people.

I have been here for two months, I have met with many people in villages, with the youth, held meetings with members of the government, deputies of the National Assembly, and various political and public figures. Maybe you don't feel it, but I want to say that the people of Artsakh are an example for everyone in the sense that despite this difficult situation, they stay here, live here and give birth to children. And I am proud to stand by your side in serving and working towards the protection of our Motherland, for its brighter future. We received Artsakh from our ancestors and are obliged to pass it on to the generations to come," Ruben Vardanyan said.

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