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Decisions must be made transparently and be justified. Ruben Vardanyan had meetings in Martuni

Ruben Vardanyan, State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, visited Martuni today, held a working consultation in the regional administration, got acquainted with the issues of primary importance. Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Hayk Khanumyan and Minister of Urban Planning Aram Sargsyan participated in the consultation. Edik Avanesyan, head of the administration of the Martuni region, singled out among the most important problems the issues of housing and infrastructure that have become particularly acute after the 44-day war, especially the repair of schools. Ruben Vardanyan was interested in housing construction projects and the process of meeting housing needs. He particularly emphasized the importance of maintaining the principles of transparency and fairness of the queuing system. After the consultation the State Minister met with the heads of communities of Martuni region, representatives of the administration, heads of institutions and enterprises. "Martuni region felt the heaviest burden of the war, but you could defend our homeland. Life goes on now, Martuni is being restored, and that is the biggest achievement - noted the State Minister.
I started these working meetings because I want to establish a connection with you, to understand the problems, to see how you imagine their solutions here, to make justified and effective decisions." Ruben Vardanyan listened to the problems raised by the heads of the communities, which related, in particular, to road construction, provision of agricultural machinery, creation of necessary conditions in villages for livelihood of residents. The State Minister expressed willingness to make the community heads themselves participants in the decision-making process concerning the communities, to listen to their opinions and approaches. "Decisions must be justified and transparent. People should know what criteria are used to select the problems to be solved first,"stressed Ruben Vardanyan. He informed that the raised issues will be studied, the possibilities of their solution will be discussed. Ruben Vardanyan visited the vocational school of Martuni city, got acquainted with the conditions, the educational process, and discussed the development prospects with the director Artak Sargsyan. The State Minister also got acquainted with the progress of the state housing construction project implemented in the city of Martuni, and visited the construction site. Ruben Vardanyan also paid tribute to the memory of Monte Melkonyan, hero of Artsakh and national hero of Armenia, and laid flowers at his monument.

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