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The Participation of Armenians in Great Patriotic War

The Armenian people have had a considerable contribution to the fight against Hitler's Germany. As Soviet Marshal Zhukov had mentioned. "The Armenian warriors, from soldier to marshal, have covered themselves with an unfading glory".

Fortunately, the military actions did not take place on Armenian territory, but this war was considered to be our own war which could decide the future of Armenian nation as well. Both our intellectuals and the common workers were self-sacrificing and very much hard working during the whole wartime. They suffered all the untold hardships and shortages of the war years, all just for the victory.

The aid aimed at enhancing the efficiency of The Red Army becomes even more effective when in November of 1943, by Stalin's order, The Armenian Academy of Sciences opens, the first president of which becomes the academic Hovsep Orbeli. It was him, that with the help of Admiral Isakov saved the masterpieces of Hermitage Museum in Leningrad during the wartime.

600 thousand Armenians participated in the Great Patriotic War, the 300 thousand of which were from the Soviet Armenia , and the rest from other republics of the Soviet Union. It’s really a respectable number, taking into account, that according to 1939 data, the number of Armenians  in the entire Soviet Union was about 2 million. This means the 25 percent of Armenians fought in the war. Besides, some 100 thousand Armenians were fighting in the troops of the anti-Hitler coalition’s other countries.

200 thousand Armenians fell heroically on the battlefield. About 70 thousand Armenians were awarded with military orders and medals.

103 Armenians were awarded with the Hero title of the Soviet Union, taking the 6th place after Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, Tartars and Jews. As for the famous Hovhannes Baghramyan and Nelson Stepanyan, they were awarded with this title twice.

27 Armenian warriors became full knights of the Order of Glory, which is equivalent to a hero's title.

Our people gave 64 generals to the Great Patriotic War, one aviation marshal, one admiral. After the war, another 83 Armenian officers participating in  the military operations got the rank of the general.

 Let’s note some of the most prominent names of the Armenians who contributed hugely to the Great Patriotic War: Aviation Marshal Armenak Khanperiants (Sergey Khudyakov), Army General, later Marshal Hovhannes Bagramyan, Admiral Hovhannes Isakov, the General of the Medical Service Levon Orbeli, Major-General of Tank troops Hamazasp Babajanyan, Major- General of Engineering-technical Service Hamo Yolyan and many other glorious names.

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