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September 1 is Coming: How to Prepare Children for School? (EXCLUSIVE)

When a child is attending school for the first time, it is certainly a very serious and important event in his life. How to prepare a child for school? How to make the first of September an unforgettable day for him?

"Armedia" IAA has talked to the teacher Susanna Barseghyan in order to find out what parents can do to provide a good start of school for their children.

"September1 is a path to a new and amazing world that will change child's initially formed worldview and opinion about the life and the environment. It is desirable to provide a pre-school introduction to the child. Tell him how cool it is to be a pupil, share your own school memories, the brightest and the happiest moments of yours,'' Susanna advised. "Children are immediately attracted by new bags, illustrated books, and different stuff like this. They perceive all of these as toys, thus the colorful stationery can wake an interest and passion for school."

However, according to the teacher, before going to school, there is no need to burden children teaching them to read and write. In this case the school routine might start to seem boring, and there can be arrogance towards classmates who do not master the school program.

"A parent should show a genuine interest towards child's school achievements or difficulties, listen attentively to any concern of the child, help him feel more self-confident," Susanna explained. "Encourage your child when he performs any kind of work. There will always be something that is worth praising the child. Praise and support can boost a child's self-esteem and the desire to reach new heights."

According to the teacher, it is categorically unwanted to compare your child with other children, as every child is an individual and may differ from others. It is not mandatory that a child learns at school as well as the other ones,'' concluded the teacher.

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