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The 47th World Economic Forum is Opened in Davos

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has delivered the Opening Plenary of World Economic Forum in Davos. Xi Jinping was worth the wait, delivering a rollicking defence of globalisation that would have been unthinkable from a Chinese leader in the past, The Guardian reports.

While the hall was packed out with business leaders and politicians, many of Xi’s remarks were aimed at one person who certainly isn’t at Davos - Donald Trump.

The key moment was probably when Xi insisted that a trade war would be in no-one’s interests, and dismissed protectionism as simply locking oneself in a dark room.

The 47th World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, takes place from 17 to 20 January under the theme “Responsive and Responsible Leadership”. As organizers expected, 3,000 leaders from government, business, academia and civil society are gathered here to help find solutions to the world's biggest challenges.

The global agenda tends to dominate coverage of Davos. The international economy, financial markets or global emergencies such as inequality and climate change will continue to occupy reporters this year. But the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting has more than 400 sessions, and many are dedicated to regional matters, as well the global outlook.

Davos will feature new UN chief Antonio Guterres this year, as well as ministers representing 70 countries, including all G20 nations. The heads of some 1,000 companies are expected to attend.


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