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Trump Will Not Give Up the Special Relationship with Britain

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The petition on UK government website with the request not to allow US President Donald Trump to Great Britain has already collected more than 550 thousand signatures.

For being reviewed by the Parliament the petition needs to collect 100 thousand signatures at least. Earlier, the Labor Party leader Jeremy Corby called on his Facebook followers to sign the petition. People are in particular unhappy with the president-elect's migration policy.

It should be noted that this is probably the main disagreement between the parties today. It should be recalled that recently US-British high-level talks took place in Washington which, by the way, were the first ones in the international negotiations under Donald Trump. It is reported that during talks Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May discussed the Brexit, NATO's future business cooperation between the two countries and of course the anti-Russian sanctions.

As a result of these negotiations the analysts point out Trump's promise to enter into a bilateral trade agreement with UK as soon as possible after Brexit. It should be noted that Trump is confident that the UK will benefit from the Brexit. "I think Brexitwill work wonderful for your country. Once completed, you will be able to have your identity, you can receive in your country the people you want, you can have free trade agreements without anyone's control,"said Trump to British Prime Minister Theresa May during press conference. After negotiations, Trump also announced that he supports NATO for one hundred percent, even if he repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of the organization. Concerning the anti-Russian sanctions the parties also came to terms. Particularly Trump, who earlier spoke about the need to remove them, told May it is early to speak about it.

Thus, the results of the negotiations, as well as the fact that May was the first foreign leader the newly elected American president met with, show that UK will remain a major US ally in the future, and that mutually beneficial US-British special relationship will continue at Trump presidency as well.

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