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The President of Bolivia Has Proposed to Introduce Universal Citizenship for All Inhabitants of the Earth

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales believes that the problem of illegal immigration needs to be solved by the introduction of a single or “universal” citizenship for all the inhabitants of the Earth. The corresponding statement he made on Tuesday, speaking in the General debate in the UN General Assembly, reports.

“Bolivia condemns the construction of the walls and the development of laws that seek to make migration a crime. For this purpose we propose the creation of a universal citizenship. The origins of the current social and migration crisis in the world order that in the pursuit of profits and consumption causes violence contributes to inequality and is destroying mother earth. It is impossible to hold migrants responsible for the economic crisis or instability,” said Morales.

According to him, it is inconceivable that migrants were treated as criminals. “None of the migrant is not illegal. Some governments do not try to get rid of the structural causes of this phenomenon — wars, climate change or economic asymmetries between States. And only announce new restrictions in their immigration policies, mass deportations and the building of walls,” added the Bolivian President.


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