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EOI Secretary General Slams Azerbaijani Disinformation

The European Ombudsman Institute (EOI) issued a statement calling on Azerbaijani media outlets to refrain from replicating disinformation about Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan of the Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) having been removed from the organization's General Assembly session in Bucharest, reports.

The relevant reports appeared in Azerbaijani media days ago, alleging Azerbaijani human rights defender Elmira Suleymanova insisted on kicking Artsakh Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan out of the EOI due to his political remarks.

"The Representative of Nagorno Karabakh, Mr. Melikyan has at the General Assembly 2017 not made a or any political statement or question, he made only an objective generally inquiry to children rights, without each political context to the presidium and got from them an answer without each political positions," reads the statement of EOI Secretary General Josef Siegele in response to Azerbaijani claims.

Mr. Siegele next point that EOI is only interested in Human Rights and Protection of them and not in political issues. "Human rights do not have any limits, and anyone who works for them can free express themselves, so far as no political interpretations take place," the statement concluded.

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