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Bekaryan: We Have a Clear Arrangement Related to the Work of Armenia-Ukraine Friendship Group

On October 29, the plenary session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly kicked off in Kiev, in which the Armenian delegation also participates. On October 29 in the framework of the visit to Kiev, Karen Bekaryan, the member of the Euronest PA delegation, the head of the Armenia-Ukraine Friendship Group, met with his counterpart, the head of Ukraine-Armenia Friendship Group Igor Mosiychuk. Karine Achemyan, a member of the Friendship Group from the Armenian side and Mikhaylo Pekin, the Secretary of the Ukraine-Armenia Friendship Group from the Ukrainian side also attended the meeting.


-  Mr. Bekaryan, yesterday, on October 29, you met with the head of the Ukraine-Armenia Friendship Group Igor Mosiychuk. How do you assess the results of the meeting?

- The very fact that it was possible to meet him is very positive. You know what happened with Mr. Mosiychuk. He was severely wounded and is now in hospital, but the meeting took place. I thanked him for doing everything possible to make this meeting happen. 

This meeting can be called a cognitive one, because before that there was no opportunity to have a tete-a-tete meeting. Contacts via email and phone are good, but it is quite different when you have the opportunity to communicate personally. Therefore, this visit was first of all a cognitive one.

I highly appreciate the fact that this person who was in that quite difficult situation, who was seriously injured just a few days ago, expressed readiness to talk about the agenda of Armenia-Ukraine Friendship Group, about our common ideas and further actions. Our meeting from just a visit, gradually turned into a friendly conversation and then into a discussion about joint actions.


- Was there a will, a real desire to do joint work that will contribute to the effectiveness of the work of the Ukraine-Armenia Friendship Group?

- Yes, during our conversation, there was a clear readiness to really think of planned steps and actions that would contribute to the work of the inter-parliamentary friendship group and bring that work to a new level and new quality. We have an arrangement for the nearest future. The members of the Friendship Group of the two countries, as well as the institutions that can have their contribution in this context will give proposals and we will gather these proposals in one package.

After the recovery of Mr. Mosiychuk, the Ukrainian side of the Ukraine-Armenia Friendship Group will visit Armenia at the very first opportunity. During that visit, we will discuss the proposals gathered in the package and will classify them according to a timeline for carrying them out and will start working under a very clear action plan. I must say that an official invitation was sent to the Ukraine-Armenia Friendship Group to visit Armenia some time before the incident with Mr. Matsiychuk.

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