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D. Babayan: If Artsakh Issue is a Bleeding Wound for Turkey, what about the Issue of Armenian, Greek, Kurdish Genocides?

  •  NKR

Turkey has no legal or moral right to interfere with the Karabakh conflict settlement, spokesperson to the Artsakh Republic President, Davit Babayan said, commenting the statmenet made by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"Being a genocidal state, Turkey has no right to speak about bleeding wounds. If the Artsakh issue is a bleeding wound for Turkey, what about the Armenian, Greek, Kurdish, Yezidi, Bulgarian and Assyrian genocides? Such a stance is a disgusting manifestation of fascism and discrimination. Turkey is a country that does not hide its political ambitions," Davit Babayan  told

The official highlighted Turkey keeps making similar statements when it has neither legal nor moral grounds. "Turkey has never hidden that it is the key sponsor of Azerbaijan. This is a state, which had Azerbaijan’s back even during the April war, sending its mercenaries to fight for it. This is a country, which continues keeping Armenia in blockade," Mr. Babayan said.

In the spokesman’s words, such statements by Turkey come to show Armenia must demonstrate vigilance. He expressed conviction Turkey would have shown aggression against Armenia and Artsakh for a long time already, as is the case with Syria and Iraq in case there were no restraining forces in the region.

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