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Manchester Terror Attack Could Have Been Prevented – Report


A review of a series of terrorist attacks in the UK this year said MI5 “wrongly” interpreted intelligence on the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, missing a potential opportunity to prevent the attack which killed 22 people, the most deadly single terror attack to hit Britain since the 7/7 bombings, FT reports.

A report by David Anderson QC, the UK’s former independent reviewer of terror legislation, stops short of apportioning blame on MI5 and counter terror police for failing to stop four attacks in the UK since March which led to the deaths of 36 people. But his report – an independent assessment of MI5 and the counter terror police’s own internal reviews – highlighted shortcomings in the way the security service and the police work together and share intelligence with local police forces and local authorities.

Mr Anderson’s review also singles out the need to speed up its processes for analysing huge sets of data to identify more urgent potential terror suspects on its watch list of 20,000 individuals.

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