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What Presents to Give to Different Zodiac Signs in 2018?

Обои - Аватары

2018 will be a year of the Earth Dog. At first glance, it's a strange beast, but actually a friendly one, which values freedom and reasonableness. And what gifts should we give to family members and friends taking into account the features of the year's character, and of course your wallet content?

As noted by astrologers, gifts should be given considering your zodiac signs.



Aries do not like useless gifts. They would like to get some household items, kitchen appliances, computer accessories, etc. You can also give them gifts concerning their professional activity, some master classes gift cards, thematic books.



Most of all, Taurus values home comfort and is a real perfectionist in everything. You can give them some decorative pillows, pretty vases, pictures, diaries. Taurus is indifferent to surprises, so they will gladly tell you what they want as a present.





The Gemini love active entertainment gifts, such as sports equipment, backpacks, fitness accessories, smart watches and bracelets, cameras to fix important moments. Good gifts will also be books, table games, cards.



For those born under the mark of Cancer, comfort is very important. For them the ideal New Year gift will be the gift card for spa, massage or beauty salons as well as some candles, unusual design lamps, theater or concert tickets.




Leos love to shine and attract attention. They will appreciate the gifts that will help to emphasize their brightness, such as gold jewelery, a beloved clothing boutique gift card, perfume or other valuable accessories.





Virgos will be happy to get anything that will help them achieve their goals. You can easily gift them foreign language studying certificate or a chance to spend the weekend abroad. Besides, you can give them any exotic, but also practical present, for example tropical fruits or seafood.




In order to please libras, the gift should not only be a good one, but also have good packaging. The delicate representatives of this zodiac sign will be happy to receive a gift in a surprise box. You can get an elite drinks collection, confectionery, coffee or fragrant high quality tea, gloves, scarf, or a pretty handmade gift.




Scorpio is always aware of the latest fashion trends, so any fashionable gift will be most appropriate, such as new perfume or cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, etc. Scorpio loves being pleasantly surprised.





Sagittarius loves everything that's fashionable and unusual. A good gift for them is computer or gaming accessories, virtual reality goggles, and travel related items. As they also like extreme, you can also give them a chance of parachute jumping, for example.





Capricorn loves things that are useful in the family. Pay attention to alcohol collections and precious jewelry for home. Porcelain statuette is also a good choice, they will also appreciate natural leather bags, gloves, wallets.





Choose something unusual for the Aquarius, some handmade or creative work items, painting and brush collections. They will also enjoy unusual gadgets, home and kitchen accessories, smartphones etc.





When choosing a gift for Pisces, pay attention to a pool or a aquapark subscription card, artificial miniature waterfall, aquarium, aromatic lamp, as well as a tea set.


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