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The Top World Events of 2017

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Famous designer Sanda Anderlone has created an interesting picture consisted of the top events of 2017.

The unique picture includes more than hundred events that took place throughout the year in world politics, culture, or sports.

In the Beutler Ink portal, which ordered this interesting collage, there is a detailed description of what you can see in the picture in particular.

We have tried to highlight the most discussed and scandalous events that we have found in the 2017 picture-summary.

In the upper right corner, for example, you can see the most celebrated faces that passed away in 2017. Among them are Chuck Berry, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Mary Taylor Moore, Adam West, Hew Hefner, Della Reese, Jerry Lewis and others.

In the lower section there are photos of the brightest and scandalous politicians of 2017, headed by US President Donald Trump, with whom we can find also Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin, FBI former director James Comey and former White House speaker Sean Spicer.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are also seen along with their American friends and of course, we can find Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un.

The most covered political event in the world has been a referendum on Catalonia's independence. The picture also includes Las Vegas shooting, London and Manchester terrorist attacks. Next to which is the singer Ariana Grande with her ''One Love Manchester'' shirt, as she organized a charity concert in the city and as it became one of the most discussed topics of the year in social networks.

In the picture you can find also scandalous producer Harvey Wainstein and his victims of sexual harassment, among them Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Rose McGuan and others.

The picture also includes the full solar eclipse of 2017, some natural disasters, among which Maria Hurricane striking Puerto Rico, Irma and Harvey storms, the earthquake of Mexico, and so on.

Sports events highlight ''Real Madrid'' winning in the Champions League, Chelsea's victory in the Premier League, Russia's problems with the Olympic Committee, etc.

The most remarkable cultural events are the records set by the ''Wonder Woman'' film world-wide, pop-queen Beyonce's and rap king Jay Zee's twins, YouTube results of the ''Despacito'' Latin American video clip (Over 5 billion views) and more.

The engagement of British Prince Harry in the end of the year with American popular actress Megan Marcle, as well as the news about the third pregnancy of Cambridge Duchess Kate Middleton were also on the headlines of many newspapers and media outlets.

American-Armenian TV star Kim Kardashian, who already has two children from rapper Kanye West, is also waiting for her third child carried by a surrogate woman. It has recently become known that the spouses will be present at the birth of their third child.

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