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Aram Ateshyan: It's an Honor for me to Be Erdogan's Brother

General Vicar of Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul Archbishop Aram Ateshyan spoke with reporters about the situation of Armenian Patriarchate in Constantinople, reports, referring to AraratNews.

Speaking about the accusations against him, Ateshyan said: "Nobody writes about my success which I had during these eight years. They only say that Ateshyan is Erdogan's brother. If it is true, in that case it's an honor for me. If I have good relations with the country's president, prime minister, it's for my community, "said Ateshyan.

He also spoke about what he did for the Armenian community in Istanbul. "Several churches have been demolished, I have renovated, and I have solved the issue of children's education in the Armenian community.  I am welcomed by the Turkish authorities."

In response to the question when there will be new Patriarch elections, Ateshyan could not answer. "We must be obedient to the state, in this case to the Turkish government. The Turkish government says we cannot elect a vicar without its consent. Bekchyan must leave. After it new elections will be held'', Ateshyan said.

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