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Nalbandian: Armenia Stands Today in the International Arena as a Reliable Partner

On December 28, the RA President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the New Year and Christmas celebration in the RA oreign Ministry. During the reception, the RA FM made a speech, which reads as follows:

"Honourable Mr. President,
Dear colleagues and friends,

This year again the President of Armenia has honoured us with his high presence to celebrate together the upcoming New Year. The Ambassadors accredited to Armenia have also joined us.

I am confident that today are also with us the thoughts of the diplomats of the Republic of Armenia who serve overseas to their country with great dedication.

Not only in Armenia, but in many countries of the world there is a tradition to celebrate the New Year’s Eve among friends. Today we are gathered here with friends who are also united by the joint efforts to further strengthen Armenia’s friendly bonds in bilateral and multilateral relations.

During the passing year we have filled together many new pages in our foreign relations. In 2017 we marked the first quarter of a century of establishment of diplomatic relations of the newly independent Armenia with a number of countries and its membership to the international organizations.

Is this a long period or short? It is indeed short if we consider the millenia-old history of our nation. However, those were unique twenty-five years, where due to the exerted great efforts and establishment of friendly relations with numerous countries in different continents, Armenia stands today in the international arena as a reliable partner.

Every and each New Year of these twenty-five years was a unique test to summarize what has been accomplished, to look forward and outline the future steps. The 2018 will be marked with a number of important jubilees in Armenia, as well as will be full of unprecedented events and diplomatic events.

Let the coming year be a year of peace, success and achievements for you, Mr. President, for our country and nation, for all of us.

Now with great pleasure I pass the floor to the Honorable President of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Serzh Sargsyan."

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