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EU Hopes the Problem with the Closing of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Will Be Solved Soon

The European Union hopes for a speedy solution to the problem, which led to the closure of the Holy sepulcher, not the host of tourists and pilgrims in protest against the plans of the city authorities to levy a municipal tax Church real estate, said the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini, reports. 

"I want to make a statement in connection with the closing yesterday of the Holy sepulcher in Jerusalem in protest against some planned or announced by the Israeli steps. We hope that a solution can be found quickly. Jerusalem – Holy city of three monotheistic religions, its special status and character should be preserved and protected'', Mogherini told the reporters.

The decision, which the priests themselves, called unprecedented, was jointly adopted the Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Catholic churches, which, forming a "svyatohrobskoho brotherhood", collectively control the greatest relic of Christianity, erected at the place of execution, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.


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