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How to Choose a Right Gift on Women's Day? A Talk with a Psychologist

The month devoted to women is to kick off soon, which is a good opportunity for men to give more warmth and attention to their beloved women. The right choice of a gift is very important in expressing their love and devotion. Still it becomes a real “challenge” for many men. “Armedia” IAA talked to psychologist Elpida Babayan on the right choice of a gift.

- The international day of women is coming soon, which is a favorite holiday in Armenia. What will be your advice especially to men? What should they take into consideration when preparing surprises and gifts for their beloved ones?

- I congratulate everyone one the month devoted to women. Dear women, be always loved, heard, valued, keep the sun inside you alight, because you are the one to spread light around you. Only filled by your warmth and love, men become a hero, defender, caring one. Love and value yourself. Everyday welcome you with a smile in a mirror and the wonders will not make you wait long. Learn to live on the wave of love. Especially in spring it is easier to do.

What refers to the choice of a gift, one can state for sure that choosing a gift is a rather difficult challenge for very many, because there is a wide choice and the wider it is, the more difficult it is to concentrate.

When receiving presents, people can clearly differentiate whether it is the one “specially” chosen for them or simply out of sense of duty. People greatly enjoy, when that much attention is paid to them to fix information about their wishes and to make a choice accordingly. To avoid that choice, many people often prefer to give money, which is not the best choice, as in that case we either waste the money without purpose, or, even if, we choose a present for ourselves the factor of a gift giver is reduced. We become the one to make a choice and later on that gift will hardly be associated with a giver.

To make a choice easier, just closely follow your women, fix every detail, the color she prefers, the flower she loves, whether she prefers to choose personal utility items herself or she uses also the ones presented to her. The hard chosen gifts are perfumes, because we need to know for sure the smell a woman prefers, otherwise your gift will be a failure.

There are a number of psychological research studies, which can be helping hints. For example, the size of a gift itself is not important; the important thing is to give it in a big box.  Even old people enjoy like a child when they get a gift in a large box. A gift as an expression of an emotion – “the bigger the box, the stronger the love is,” this is what Americans say. A wonder should be big. Even a small pen can be put in a big box full of candies and shining papers.

There is another hint, which is a bit harder. If you understand the representative system of a person (the system of understanding and comprehending information), choosing a gift will be easier.  Ask what she wants to get as a gift: if she looks down than you deal with “a kinesthetic type”, for whom emotions are very important, which means that a gift should be soft, warm, pleasant to touch, have a good smell or taste. If she looks up than you deal with “a visual type”, so a gift should be beautiful, pleasant to look at. If she looks right and left, than you deal with “an audio type”, which means that a present should sound good, confidently choose a present with a beautiful sound.

Still aside from everything, listen to your heart, if you love the one for who you prepare a gift, you are on a wave and your heart will not be mistaken on the choice.

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