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Russian Hip Hop Singer Demands up to 180,000 Dollar Compensation from Armenian Cab Driver


Russian hip hop artist Timati has demanded 5-10 million rubles (88,000 – 175,000 USD) in damages from an Armenian cab driver who had collided with his vehicle, ''Armenpress'' reports, referring to Russian media. The traffic collision happened on March 3 when a Mercedes hit a Volkswagen.

The Mercedes was driven by the security entourage of the rapper and is owned by Timati himself. The car was completely destroyed by fire. An Armenian cab driver named Hrant Altunyan was behind the wheel of the Volkswagen.The cab belongs to a taxi service owned by an Armenian family – the Martirosyans. The family said they’ve already received several calls since the accident happened offering to pay compensation. Craig David and Timbaland, among others, is claiming 5-10 million rubles in compensation for damages.

Until now the traffic police are unable to determine who caused the accident.

If the cab driver is found to be guilty for the accident the owner of the Mercedes can file a lawsuit and demand the compensation. The burnt SUV’s value is around 8 million rubles.

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