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The Opening Ceremony of the Statue of the Doctor of the Church, St. Gregory of Narek, Will Be Held in Vatican


Today, on April 5, the opening ceremony of the statue of Gregory of Narek will be held. The works on installing the statue, authored by RA National Artist, David Yerevantsi, in Vatican Gardens, were finished still on March 21. The history of the Statue, modeled in the Czech Republic, started in 2016, when Pope Francis made a pilgrimage to the first Christian country, Armenia. RA President Serzh Sargsyan presented the Pope the model statue of Gregory of Narek as a symbol of the pilgrimage, expressing his hope that the larger version of the statue will be installed in Vatican.

Little information is preserved about the life of the founder of the Armenian literature revival and genius of philosophical thought, Christian Clergyman and Theologian, Doctor of Church Gregory of Narek.

It is known that Gregory of Narek was born in the 10th century in Narek village of Rshtuni canton, Vaspurakan province. He was born in the family of Khosrov archbishop and was connected to spiritual world and religious, philosophical literature from the early childhood. He got his education in Nareka Monastery. His teacher was Anania of Narekat and later he became a monk.

Gregory of Narek has authored various works, such as songs and papers, while the top of his literature heritage is Book of Lamentations, "Narek", the most important product of the Armenian medieval literary thought, one of the greatest artistic values created by humanity, which made Gregory of Narek famous in the Armenian and international literature.

Gregory of Narek managed to penetrate into the depths of human hearts and reveal the dearest emotions. The poem of Gregory of Narek, even translated, sounds in a divine way that is why many famous authors till now express their words of admiration towards Gregory of Narek’s works and his philosophical and divine thought.

The Armenian Apostolic Church has sanctified Gregory of Narek.

In 2015, he was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Francis. It is worth to note that the general list of Doctors of the Church contains 36 names, one of which is Saint Gregory of Narek.  

On April 12, 2015, during the liturgy on the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide in the Papal Basilica of St. Peter, Pope Francis declared Gregory of Narek Doctor of Church, which is the highest title that can be given by the Pope of Rome.   

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