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Aram Ateshian: ''We Are Grateful to Turkish Authorities and Our Turkish Army''

At the initiative of the Sisli district structure of the Turkish ruling "Justice and Development" party in Istanbul, Lent dinner was served before Easter. The event was organized for the representatives of the Armenian community of the Sisli region of Istanbul.

As Ermenihaber reports, Margar Yesayan, a member of the "Justice and Development" party, deputy Ahmet Hamdi Chamal, Beyoğlu District Leader Ahmet Misbah Demircan, leader of the Armenian Catholic Church in Turkey Levon Zekiyan, leader of Armenian Protestant Church Grigor Aghababoglu, Mufti of Sisli district, representatives of public organizations and sport clubs of the Armenian community, and clergymen were present at the reception. During the event Constantinople Patriarchal Vicar Aram Ateshian made a speech, stressing that religious holidays are a call to live in love, unity and solidarity.

Ateshian thanked the Turkish army and Turkish leaders. "Today, when people mourn in a number of places in the world, our Turkish army, our soldiers sacrifice their lives to ensure peace, thanks to them, we are celebrating a holiday today. We are grateful to them and to our state leaders". 

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