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Artsakh Athletes Won Prizes at Powerlifting European Cup

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Four athletes from Artsakh participated at the Powerlifting European Cup held in the Belarusian town of Ashmyany from March 23 to 25, Artsakhpress reports.

Head of the Powerlifting Federation of Artsakh, head coach, Arkadya Zakaryan, informed that the athletes of Artsakh participated in two disciplines: bench press and powerlifting.

He added that the 83 kg weight class, Tatul Harutyunyan from Artsakh took the second place in bench press and powerlifting. Armen Martirosyan (66 kg w.c.) was second in bench press and third in powerlifting.

Arkadya Zakaryan said that in the 105 kg weight class, bench press European record holder, Yuri Karoglanyan, managed to capture the second place in powerlifting despite being in poor health.

Head coach Arkadya Zakaryan (105 kg w.c.)  took the third place in powerlifting.

As head of the Powerlifting Federation of Artsakh informed, they have brought 4 silver and 2 bronze medals and honorary certificates to Artsakh.

To note, Powerlifting federation of Artsakh has been operating since 2009. Since 2012 athletes of the federation have participated in the world and European championships.

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