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Delegation Led by Ara Babloyan Takes Part in the 47th IPA CIS Plenary Session

On April 13, in Tauride Palace of Saint Petersburg the work of the 47th IPA CIS Plenary Session began, where the delegation led by the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan took part, official page RA Parliament reports.

Representatives of different international Parliamentary Assemblies attended the work of the Plenary Session.

During the Session the issue Inter-cultural Dialogue of the Member Nations: the Situation, the Perspectives and the Legal Provision was also discussed, on which the RA NA member of delegation Hermine Naghdalyan delivered a speech. She has underlined that the inter-cultural dialogue is a factor of humanitarian development on the CIS territory which unites people. According to Hermine Naghdalyan, during these years the Assembly implemented mutually beneficial cooperation of the member nations on the basis of the principles of the international law and has essential contribution to the development of the model legislation.

The RA NA deputy highlighted that since the first years of its formation the Assembly always had held cultural events: festivals, anniversaries, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, publication programmes, etc. Among those events Hermine Naghdalyan especially emphasized the International Festival of the CIS and Baltic Countries' Russian Theatres Meetings in Russia , where Yerevan K. Stanislavski Russian State Theatre took part. She has also touched upon Aram Khachaturian International Competition, where young violinists, cellists, pianists and composers take part. The speaker distinguished the programme The Cultural Capitals of Cooperation. Underlining the deepening of the inter-cultural dialogue between the member nations, the NA deputy stressed the implementation of the long-term cultural programmes. By Hermine Naghdalyan's conviction, in modern times the cultural integration of the CIS countries is one of the most important factors to reach the goals of the social-economic development and formation of constructive dialogue for the solution of the humanitarian problems.

Issues on elaboration of the model laws in the spheres of innovative technologies, scientific-educational, local self-government, agriculture, culture and a number of spheres of the CIS member nations were also discussed.

The RA NA deputies Hermine Naghdalyan, Karen Bekaryan, Romik Manukyan and Mihran Hakobyan are in the delegation led by Ara Babloyan. The RA Chief Consul in Saint Petersburg Hrayr Karapetyan and the RA NA Permanent Representative to the IPA CIS Hayk Chilingrayan also attended the Session.

At the end of the Session the Heads of the IPA CIS had a press conference and summed up the results of the Session.

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