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''Trial Period for Establishment of Democracy'' – Defense Minister on Armenia Demonstrations


Following 11 days of ongoing unrest in Armenia, defense minister Vigen Sargsyan held a press briefing Monday morning on the domestic developments of the country.

Vigen Sargsyan argued that it isn’t good for a parliamentary democracy when the right to exercise freedom of speech and democratic freedoms starts contradicting with other components of the protection of law and law enforcement agencies are forced to step in.

''Actually I think it is a matter of tradition, time, that the opposition having parliamentary votes and the opposition only having a tool of street struggle starts to differentiate from one another, because the beauty of parliamentary opposition is this very thing – the opposition which has garnered the votes of the people and is represented in the parliament has another set of tools for solving problems unlike the other opposition which doesn’t have this opportunity and is forced to take to the streets,'' Sargsyan said.

According to the defense minister, the ongoing processes are another trial period for the establishment of democracy in the country.

Asked about the arrested lawmakers, the defense minister said questions about the arrest and relating legal terms should be addressed to law enforcement.

''A proper information was released yesterday.  Clear procedures are in place in case of lawmakers which must be overcome, both domestic and international procedures. I am sure that the letter of the law will be maintained,'' he said.


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