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Karen Karapetyan Calls to Sit Down and Discuss the Situation Within the Constitution and Law

Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan says the most reasonable solution for the domestic situation of the country is a discussion of the situation in the framework of the constitution and law by political parties, Armenpress reports. 

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday, the acting PM reminded his April 24 statement when he addressed the President suggesting to organize a meeting at his preferred format with representatives of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political forces.

"Moreover, we mentioned that there is no closed agenda whatsoever. Right up to snap elections, if political forces agree," he reminded.

Addressing reporters as the most active civil layer having extremely big impact on the society, citizens, the acting PM urged to make calls for tolerance.

"We haven’t put any restriction in the political agenda today and we will  not. Therefore, I believe that the most reasonable solution is for political parties to sit down and discuss the situation within the constitution and law. If they decide that there is a need for snap elections, decide the time periods which they want in order to prepare and everyone to be in equal [gameplay] conditions, we will then advance according to it," Karapetyan said.

He stressed that by continuing this way many economic problems will take place, problems related to investors, tourist flow.

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