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Official Athens Was Angry with the Statement of the Turkish Prime Minister

Pontos News

A diplomatic row is escalating between Athens and Ankara after eight Turkish soldiers have been released from custody in Greece after having fled from Turkey after the 2016 coup attempt. According to Armenpress, after the release of the soldiers, Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said: "Let them do whatever they want. It is our duty to find these gulenist soldiers who took part in the coup attempt and return them to Turkey. Wherever they go, they will be followed and eventually caught".

Greece responded harshly to the statement of Bozdag. Greek FM Nikos Kotzias they will not tolerate this kind of conduct of Turkey.

"Turkey knows very well that Greece isn't the country where it can play such games. Turkey cannot come to Greece in order to take someone from here, neither the country has a right to do so nor will we allow it," he said.

Greece's defense ministry said it will take actions in the EU and NATO over Turkey's statement.


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