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Spirituality Is Not a Religion, It Is the Unifying Factor for Humanity (Exclusive)


"Armedia" IAA presents an exclusive interview with Dr. C.K Bhardwaj, Head of Society for systematic Education for Everybody’s Development (SforSEED), India. 


You were a very successful businessman. How it happened that you left that profitable job and started this one: explaining the linkage of spirituality with science?

- When I was in my mother’s womb, she meditated that her child will do a serious research on the connection of science with spirituality. So, I left my business in 1993, and since then, the last 25 years I have been involved in this project. I have done research on Effects of Meditation on Self-regulation of Human Organism, Logical and Scientific Exposition of the Philosophy that Changes the Psychology through Meditation, Modern Technology and Ancient Wisdom, etc.


What is the main concept of your work?

- I am covering a subject how the universe was made, who made it. We say that each creation is an intelligent design.  If such an intelligent design is there, then there could be an intelligent being, who is doing it all. We may call it as Absolute Intelligence. And different people built their own religion on it – Christianity, Islam, etc. But Indian religion is the oldest. The Vedas is a complete science of the whole cosmos, it’s our heritage which got protected somehow during the rule of more than 1000 years by the Islamic, British invaders. Now what Vedas are saying is proved by science.  

Vedas say: the first knowledge was given to the sun-god. That is how the cosmos came up. The Indian scriptures explain that God was one and alone, and he was in bliss. And we call him as Absolute Intelligence which was smaller than an atom. We call intelligence as light, not the light of the sun or a bulb, it is a different light which is non-material. In the beginning there was no universe. In this bliss and enjoying he felt like loving but whom he will love, he was all alone. So to love he became from one to many. He began vibrating, in that vibrating there is a sound. We say – Big Bang. And then waves of music emerged out of him.


-  What can you say about the sound OM. Is that the sound of the universe?

-  OM is the sound of the sun. Each planet emits its sound. But these sounds are coming from the source at the center of the expanding universe. That center is stationary, the god, we may call it "absolute intelligence and a capable force" because it is not He or She. Now in the latest scientific proof this particle of light can transform itself into a wave or a particle. And this particle is intelligently behaving.This particle is practically non-material light within. In meditation we can get connected with this light because we are part of that light, connected with the center. Centre is stationary, so we are anchored with Absolute Intelligence and a capable force.

In Bible God is Light, in Koran it is Noor, in Indian philosophy it is Jyoti Swarup. So, if it is dark we cannot see anything but as soon as the light appears we can understand everything in a huff which gives us all the knowledge. When he became from one to many, we all were loving him, and he was loving us. Love is not a feeling, it is caring. Love is an essence, all need love – plants, animals, human beings. So, love is the essence of all the religions. Any time we can become a wave to meet him or we can become a particle to do anything because we are like him. God is within you, connected to you, to everyone. There is no time and material because the centre is stationary. Outside the centre everything is moving so here is where the time starts and the material also. One out of us decided to make time-bond material creation – world. And he was a creator. Many creators are there.

He requests the Lord which is timeless, permanent in the centre, and that being of light allows this being of light to make a time-bond material creation which will start at a time and finish at a time. Doctor Stephen Hawking writes about this in his book “From Big Bang to Black Hole”.

We are connected in this body with the outer expression of my soul, my creative intelligence, which is connected to Absolute, that is my attention. It is a capable force, it’s like a spark. Wherever your attention goes, the divine energy flows. This attention operates from the place in the head which we call “third eye”, here is the location of your soul.

As is said in Bhagavat Gita: “7.2. After knowing, nothing remains to be known, except living the knowledge and exploring it”, (Chapter 7, Shloka 2).


Now you are developing a curriculum for primary and secondary education. Please elaborate on it.

-  This unique and innovative curriculum is under the heading of “RIGHT TO ENLIGHTENMENT” based on “Co-AIM Theory and Practice”. Here we are educating children how the creation started and is going to finish into nothing - “MAHA PRALAYE – THE GRAND DISSOLUTION”. In the concept, the children understand that they are a soul with the acquired mind and the time bound created body on this planet Earth for a time bound sojourn for creativity.We are also explaining the child about the power of attention, about the flow of language that is flowing from the source to the soul in real time.

The divinity within has divine attributes and has the capabilities to handle life as it comes, which helps to remain happy, healthy, prosperous, to live in peace and harmony and to remain connected to the source of the intelligent being to receive the gush of knowledge to run day to day life.

The uninformed, unexperienced, uneducated and ignorant mind ignores the divinity within due to the lack of information and takes over the language and impregnates the language with its own unsustainable attributes of the mind like Lust, Anger, Ego, Attachment, Deceit, Desire, Greed, Jealousy and further pre-calculates envy, fears and worries, etc.This triggers the brain with the biased contaminated language.


Is there also meditation in this program for children?

- Definitely. To remain connected with the source of divinity within, we got to experience our source through proper technique of meditation which needs to be understood as withdrawal of attention within. As philosopher Mehrishi Panini said, “Transform your psychology into a good and harmonious human behavior”.

Half an hour of deep meditation gives you a complete night's rest, and you can work for 23 hours a day. From meditation you can get many benefits: physiological, psychological and spiritual. Once Dalai-Lama said: “If every 8-year old is taught meditation, evil and violence will be eliminated from the world within one generation”.


How will you describe spirituality?

- Spirituality is the essence of all faiths, it is not a religion, it is the unifying factor for humanity. The technique of prayer is to delink ATTENTION (the outer expression of the INTELLIGENCE/ SOUL) from mind & body, means from TIME & MATERIAL, and link to the source the super soul as it is (THE ABSOLUTE INTELLIGENCE & A CAPABLE FORCE). This is the only technique of prayer in all religions.

We are not human beings having spiritual experience but spiritual beings having human experience.


Interviewed by Naira S. Mkrtchyan

New Delhi

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