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Iran Will Increase Gas Export to Armenia This Year

Chief Executive of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Hamid-Reza Araghi said that Iran’s gas export volume to Armenia will increase in the current year, ''Mehr'' reports. 

According to him,  ''earlier, a contract for exporting Iran’s gas to Armenia was signed with the aim of bartering gas and electricity, based on which, Armenia pledged to deliver three KW/hour electricity to Iran in exchange for each cubic meter delivery of gas from Iran.''

Under the deal, it was agreed that Iran’s gas export volume to Armenia and also dispatch of electricity from Armenia to Iran should be increased as of 2018, he maintained.

Thus, Iran’s export of gas to Armenia will increase from one million cubic meter to 1.6 million cubic meter daily.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the deputy oil minister pointed to the electricity received from Armenia, and reiterated, ''the electricity received from Armenia will be delivered to Iran Power Management, Transmission and Distribution Company (TAVANIR).''

In tandem with Iran’s increased volume of gas to Armenia, this country is able to generate electricity and deliver to the National Iranian Gas Company within the framework of rules and regulations, he concluded.


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