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Appointment of The Ambassador is Very Important for Armenia-Ukraine Relations: Head of the Armenia-Ukraine Friendship Group

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Karen Bekaryan
Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Head of the Armenia-Ukraine Friendship Group

- Ukraine has not had an ambassador in Armenia for many years. Recently it became known about his appointment. Why hasn't the Ambassador of Ukraine been appointed to the RA for so long and what can the fact of his appointment mean now?

- First of all, I would like to congratulate both the Armenian and Ukrainian sides on this appointment. We all perfectly understand that in the case of the full functioning of the embassy and the presence of the ambassador, various issues related to bilateral relations acquire a different dynamic, the possibility of rapid reaction, etc. More precisely, now we are entering a full field. By the way, in different formats we told our Ukrainian colleagues about the minuses of this state, and now I'm very glad that the problem is finally solved.
You know that the situation in Ukraine was quite troublesome, and during this time Armenia was not the only country where the appointment of the ambassador was postponed. But now I hope that we will have the opportunity to establish personal contact in the near future, because the participation and involvement of two embassies and ambassadors is very important in the activities of the friendship groups. And unequivocally, for the Armenian-Ukrainian relations, the recent appointment of the ambassador is very important.

- Taking into account the personality of the new ambassador of Ukraine to Armenia, Mr. Lytvyn, his past, what are the expectations in the development of the Armenian-Ukrainian relations? What contribution can the ambassador make to the activities of parliamentary friendship groups?

- I would not like to concentrate on the name, on the person. I got acquainted with the biography of the ambassador, and I am very glad that he has a rich experience in the field. The ambassador represents the country, and if the country, its top political leadership considers it expedient to appoint this person, then our task is to work with him for the development of the Armenian-Ukrainian interstate, inter-parliamentary and public relations and, of course, for the relations of the two peoples.
Therefore, my biggest wish is that the newly appointed ambassador effectively work with all state bodies of Armenia.
How can the ambassadors contribute to the work of the Armenian-Ukrainian friendship group? We have very good relations with our colleagues from the Ukraine-Armenia friendship group and its leader in the Verkhovna Rada. We always get positive reactions from the Armenian Ambassador to Ukraine and we hear about his readiness to contribute to this work.
Now, if we have the same situation with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Armenia, this will mean that the tools of the work will become full-fledged. From this point of view, of course, I am optimistic, and I hope that in the near future we will feel this in the context of inter-parliamentary relations, through the increase of efficiency, including our working format.


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