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There is no Force in Armenia that Will be able to Stand before People’s Power – PM Pashinyan

Establishment of legality in Armenia has no alternative. Those who committed a crime against the state and the people will be held accountable, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said live on Facebook, reports Armenpress.

“The people’s power is established in the Republic of Armenia and believe me that there is no force in Armenia that will be able to stand before the people’s power and stop the victory of the people’s revolution. Those who will try to stand on this path will appear in the history dump. And I want to assure that as I have repeatedly stated previously standing before you at the Republic Square, there is no alternative to the establishment of legality in Armenia. All those who committed a crime against the state and the people will be held accountable. There is no alternative to this path, the path to establish legality, all will be held accountable for their actions in accordance with the law”, the PM said.

He added that during this entire process the government led by him feels a similar responsibility before the statehood, people and legality. “We will organize the political process within the powers received by the people and will not pass the boundaries of these powers in any case since we don’t want to replace the illegal actions of others by ours, replace the robbery of others by ours, we don’t want to transfer what has been robbed by others to our pockets, we want to transfer it to the state budget and serve it for the needs of the people and the state. All criminals will be held accountable, any sum robbed from the people will be returned to the people. And there is no alternative to the victory of the peaceful, velvet, democratic revolution, since there is only one owner, one power in Armenia, and that owner is the citizen of the Republic of Armenia”, PM Pashinyan said.

He once again called on citizens to gather at the Republic Square on August 17, at 18:30, to sum up 100 days of the establishment of the citizen’s power and talk about the further victories of the democratic revolution.

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