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President Armen Sarkissian Took Part in the Annual Summit of Minds in Chamonix

President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian took part in the annual Summit of Minds in Chamonix, France on September 22, the president’s office informed.

The Summit of Minds in Chamonix, created by two of the original leaders of the Davos World Economic Forum, has brought together 300 representatives from 28 countries to debate on expanding the possibilities of making strategic and investment decisions in the modern world and the individual’s role in them.

The participants reflected on the global macro-economic trends, their impact on the economic and investment strategy as well as speak of the speed and instability and the possibilities to make use of them in the ongoing era.

The Armenian president delivered 8 speeches in the scope of the Summit as the main speaker. President Sarkissian presented his views about the topics under discussion and reflected on the current developments and the challenges.

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