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ARF won’t Nominate Candidate for Prime Minister

The ARF (Dashnaktsutsyun) faction of the Armenian parliament doesn’t plan to nominate a candidate for prime minister, faction leader Armen Rustamyan told reporters. He was referring to the subsequent situation that will take place after PM Nikol Pashinyan will resign – something the PM is expected to do today, Armenpress reports.

He said they won’t nominate a PM because it would be unreasonable in conditions of having seven seats in parliament.

“The ARF said a long time ago that nominating a candidate for prime minister with seven people makes no sense,” he said.

He said they’ve brought forward five issues, around which their cooperation with PM Nikol Pashinyan began.

“We are in favor for parliamentary elections to take place in normal conditions, the way the people will decide,” he said.


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