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Nikol Pashinyan, Armen Sarkissian Discuss Issues Related to Political Situation in Armenia

On October 17, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with RA President Armen Sarkissian. Discussed were issues related to political processes and further developments in Armenia.

Addressing Nikol Pashinyan, President Sarkissian said: “Mr. Prime Minister, not acting prime minister, because the office of prime minister is also a calling that never leaves a person. The political and pre-electoral process is on. I am glad for this meeting, and of course, I would like to hear from you about the recent developments.”

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan thanked the President and touched upon the current political situation and the upcoming developments.

“Mr. President, we are in for snap parliamentary elections because the parliamentary factions have publicly stated their position that they are not going to nominate a prime minister or elect another prime minister, which means there is an understanding of snap parliamentary elections. Why do I say that because political forces have different views on this issue, but I believe that the elections should definitely take place.

Of course, it is very important that during this period both the Parliament, the Government and the President of Armenia keep in touch and exchange information on the situation so that these 14 days meet the expectations of our society and people, in a spirit of solidarity and cohesion. And I think this 14-day atmosphere is more important in terms of ensuring an appropriate atmosphere for canvassing during the upcoming electoral campaign so that we could really make competition between programs and strategies, and all discussions take place in the most practical field. At least, we will do the same for ourselves,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

President Sarkissian expressed confidence that the Government will take all possible measures to ensure that the whole process - the 14-day period and the future elections – comply with the law because this is in the best interest of the whole nation.

“It stems from the interests of our statehood and those plans for which we all have to work in a bid to hold impeccable, legitimate, democratic elections without any violations. And this process is also a bit of a challenge, Mr. Prime Minister, if we are to eventually avoid incidents. Of course, I am sure that you are doing everything to keep the vigilance on the border, and our people will complete this stage with dignity to appear before the international community as a fully democratic nation that is setting a unique example of how to make changes in the country without violating the law in a spirit of legitimacy, dialogue and tolerance,” Armen Sarkissian pointed out.

Touching upon the ongoing discussions and concerns about the political developments in Armenia, the Acting Prime Minister said that during meetings held with international partners he emphasized that democracy was not a mere slogan for Armenia.

“Democracy is our political belief, and democracy is what we have struggled for. Democratic governance in Armenia, the rule of law, transparency, the higher status of human rights, independent judiciary have no alternative because we are all convinced that without these key elements we cannot achieve serious success. So, I think, there is definitely an agreement among all the political forces that we have to go through the path of democracy in a clear and consistent way. It has already been eradicated from Armenia, and I can assure that it will never recur in our country. Why am I assured: because I can see that our people wishes democracy, freedom and the rule of law, which is indisputable,” Nikol Pashinyan underscored.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the proposed snap elections, highlighting the electoral process as a key mechanism for democratic development.

Nikol Pashinyan noted that polls and electoral precincts are the best place and form of revolution: people should have guarantees that their will is reflected in election results, and the people of Armenia should know that they can change mayors, village mayors, parliament, and prime minister through elections.

President Sarkissian added that elections are one of the best ways of reporting and the Armenian people realize that free and democratic elections are the way to build a free and democratic country. Armen Sarkissian wished Nikol Pashinyan every success, first of all as acting prime minister so that the government, the State agencies and especially the security services could be highly functional in this period, then as the leader of a political party. The President wished good luck to other political parties as well, so that they can express their opinion and get their worthy place as a result of democratic elections.

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