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Moldovan Parliament Fails to Ensure Enough Votes for EU Integration Constitutional Clause

Moldovan lawmakers failed to secure enough votes to pass the bill on proclaiming the European integration as a strategic goal of the country in the country's constitution as four parliamentary factions - socialists, communists, liberals and liberal democrats - abstained from voting.

Last year, the Democratic Party of Moldova, which holds the majority in the parliament with 42 seats, proposed to make an amendment to the country's constitution and add a provision stipulating that Moldova's priority is European integration.

In July 2017, Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu expressed hope that Moldova would be able to apply for the EU membership in 2018.

The bill passed the first reading in the parliament by simple majority, after which the speaker put the draft legislation for a vote in the second and final reading.

"Fifty-four votes were cast in support of the introduction of the European integration clause in the constitution. If only 13 parliament members - liberal democrats and liberals - had not left the meeting hall, the bill could have been passed," Candu said.

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