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EU Plans to Allocate over $3 Million for Upcoming Snap Elections in Armenia

The European Union hopes that upcoming general elections in Armenia will be democratic and plans to allocate over $3 million for that purpose, senior EU diplomats said on Thursday, reported.

Piotr Switalski, the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, stressed that the EU will be the only source of foreign funding for the proper conduct of the snap elections expected in December.

“Our statement is that we offer financial support. That’s a very strong statement,” Switalski told a joint news conference with Thomas Mayr-Harting, a senior official from the European External Action Service visiting Yerevan.

The EU has already provided $7 million in the run-up to Armenia’s last parliamentary elections held in April 2017. The money was mainly spent on the purchase of electronic voter authentication devices and web cameras that were installed in all polling stations of the country.

Switalski added that the envisaged aid from the EU will also be used for voter identification and web cameras. The sum will be provided by the European Commission and three EU member states: Germany, Britain and Sweden.


Mayr-Hartling said, for his part, that the EU expects the upcoming elections to be free and fair. He praised the new Armenian government’s stated efforts to establish the rule of law by combatting corruption and boosting judicial independence.

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