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Fascism in Action: Azerbaijan Preparing People For Peace Without Armenians

“There should be conditions according to which Armenian persons will be arrested upon arriving in our country, and their inspection will take two weeks," said ex foreign minister of Azerbaijan Tofiq Zulfugarov to, commenting on the Russian foreign ministry recommendations to the Russian citizens of Armenian descent not to visit Azerbaijan. “The right to visit Azerbaijan can’t be denied on ethnic, religious, and racial grounds, however we can create conditions without violating that right. In that case our approach will not be criticized. We are targeted when we ban arrival on ethnic basis, in fact depriving them of the right to arrive in our country. We could as well say that we ban arrival of African black people in Azerbaijan, for example.”  This is how the ex-foreign minister of Azerbaijan trains his fellow colleagues in fascism.

He blames his former colleagues, the foreign ministry, for not-advantageous-for-Azerbaijan foreign policy. “There should be another motivation. It is important that we emphasize that Azerbaijan does not hinder Armenian nationals’ arrival. But given that those individuals take part in measures against Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, their inspection should take certain time. That’s why conditions, envisaging arrest of Armenian nationals upon arrival in Azerbaijan should be posited, and they will be inspected for two weeks. Only after that they might be granted entrance to the country,” Zulfugarov thinks.

It turns out that for instance a violinist from a Belgian orchestra, who realized her Armenian origin only in Baku, or an 8 year old Russian boy with an Armenian surname, were not allowed to enter Baku, because they certainly took part “in measures against Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity” (!), even though they had no idea of the Karabakh conflict or that their family name ending in "yan" is already hostile in Azerbaijan.

The diplomat with fascistic biases teaches his fellow colleagues how to fight against unwanted Armenians at their borders. "In such cases when you take care of your own security pointing out that special measures will be taken for inspecting those individuals who intend to enter Azerbaijan, then it is grounded on the defense of your own interests not on the origins. Such a position wouldn’t provoke any protests. I assure you that in that case no one would even come here. Besides, special measures could be stipulated pointing out that those people will be arrested for two weeks.

The policy of Azeri hatred towards Armenians so deeply-rooted cross-country takes a new course. It is not shameful to confess that Armenians are not allowed to enter Azerbaijan on their ethnic background, but also the foreign minister, even former, seeks legal or other grounds for it. "For instance the migration services of Azerbaijan isolates that citizen and places her in a cell. The respective bodies inspect her data for two weeks. According to the inspection findings it can be stated that her arrival in the country is not wanted. For what reason? We are not going to explain,” preaches Azerbaijan’s ex foreign minister.

One can’t but conclude that such a position on behalf of Azerbaijan’s ex foreign minister is not but a form of fascism raising hatred towards Armenians to a new level. One need not look for evidence. Isn’t Zulfugarov’s position the reflection of state policy which “prepares the people for peace”, but peace where there are no Armenians…

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