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On April 13, Nearly 7500 Trees and Bushes to Be Planted in Yerevan

April 13 is announced as the day of citywide tree planting. Nearly 7500 trees and bushes are to be planted in irrigated areas.

"Tree planting will be carried out in all 12 administrative districts of the capital. We invite townspeople to take part in the action. The trees and bushes will be allotted to schools, kindergartens and all the organizations which want to plant trees in their territories", said the head of Nature Protection Department of the Municipality of Yerevan Khachik Hakobyan.

A new approach is used in the selection of the trees. In the years to come Yerevan will be decorated with blooming trees. Vertical landscaping is to be developed as well. Sanitary pruning is going on in the capital as well. This year it is planned to fulfil landscaping and restoration of the forest zones of the memorial Complex of Tsitsernakaberd and community-owned areas of Saralanj. Irrigation of Saralanj with the area of 10 hectares will be fulfilled with drip irrigation system. In 2019 a new irrigation network of 7.5 km is planned to be installed in Yerevan.

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