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Congressional Turkey Caucus Co-Chair Visits Tsitsernakaberd

“This unprecedented visit – first-ever by a leader of a U.S. House caucus that aggressively obstructs honest U.S remembrance of the Armenian Genocide – may mark a retreat by Ankara’s traditional DC allies from decades of relentless attacks on this human rights issue,” said the Armenian National Committee of America in a Facebook post earlier Thursday.

The members of Congress laid flowers at the Eternal Flame and paid tribute to the memory of the Genocide victims with a moment of silence.

They also visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, became acquainted with the exhibits and left a note in the Honorary Guest Book.

The Museum-Institute’s leadership handed over English-language books about the Armenian Genocide to the American lawmakers, who are part of the U.S. House Democracy Partnership Commission, a bi-partisan group that works directly with partner countries around the world to support the development of effective, independent, and responsive legislative institutions.

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