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I Fell behind That Trend a Bit: Serzh Sargsyan Took a Selfie with a Group of New Members of the Party Youth Organization

Former president of Armenia, Chairman of the Republican Party (RPA) Serzh Sargsyan held a meeting at the Party Headquarters with a group of new members of the Party Youth organization. In his remarks Sargsyan said he had much to say to the new members yet he would only congratulate them for their decision to have active participation in the country’s political processes, '''' reports. 

At request by one of the participants to return, the third president said the time will come and we will address numerous questions the public and the media may have. "You may have lack of questions but not in answers,"  added Sargsyan.

At the end of the event one of the participants asked the former president to take a selfie, saying it was quite trendy. "I fell behind of that trend a bit," Sargsyan remarked with a smile.

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