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"Armenians Have a Dream of a Complete And United Homeland:" Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia

“The first achievement of the vision for a complete and united Armenia is the unification of Artsakh to Armenia,” reads His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia’s Facebook page message conveyed on the occasion of the victory in the Battle of Sardarapat and the Day of the First Republic of Armenia, as reported by

He recalled that we Armenians have a dream of having a complete and united homeland and must empower the present-day Armenia because the roots of a united and complete Armenia can be found in the present-day Armenia.

“Today, it is the duty of each and every Armenian to empower the present-day Armenia,” he said, stating that it is necessary to enhance the country and that this is the mission of all Armenians and the duty of every Armenian.

“Today, our children need to participate in the sacred mission of strengthening the independence of Karabakh; Karabakh is ours, the sons of our nation regained it by sacrificing their lives, reaffirmed and repossessed the just rights of our nation, our sacred land, and today, through the efforts of our nation, Karabakh is developing,” Aram I said and stressed that the right reestablished through bloodshed in Karabakh can’t become a subject for bargain.

He urged all Armenians to refuse polarization and to take steps that may cause turbulence within Armenia, Karabakh and the Diaspora.

“At this crucial milestone of our history when we Armenians are surrounded by enemies, the unity of our nation is the first necessity,” Aram I said.

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