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French Police Detain Suspect in Lyon Blast

NBC News

French police have detained a suspect in the May 24 explosion on Victor Hugo Street in central Lyon, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said on Monday, TASS reports. 

"A bag with a bomb in Lyon: one suspect has been detained," Castaner wrote on his Twitter account, thanking the city police and the anti-terrorist branch of the Paris prosecutors for the joint effort.

BFM TV channel reported citing a source in the Paris prosecutors’ office that the 24-year-old suspect had been apprehended in Lyon.

The blast, which injured 13 people, occurred on a pedestrian street in downtown Lyon on May 24. Investigators say a bomb filled with nails and bolts exploded. Surveillance cameras in the area showed that a man aged 30-35 wearing sunglasses and with a hood over his face rode his bicycle to a bakery on Victor Hugo Street and left a bag near it.

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