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US Congressmen Call for Imposing Sanctions on Turkey If It Receives Russian S-400s

The US House of Representatives on Monday unanimously approved a resolution that urges the Washington administration to fully apply sanctions against Turkey within the US Anti-Enemy Act of America through Sanctions Act 2017 (CAATSA) adopted in the US in 2017 if Ankara receives system (ZRS) S-400, reports citing ekhatimerini 

The meeting was broadcast by the TV channel C-SPAN.

Resolutions of the Congress are purely declarative in nature, and their provisions are not binding.

“Without a change in Turkish policy, we will continue to work closely with our Turkish ally on winding down their participation in the F-35 program,” Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Mike Andrews told the magazine.

The US is actively trying to prevent Turkey from buying the S-400. Earlier, Washington has already warned Ankara that in the event of the acquisition of these weapons systems, the US may refuse Turkey to sell F-35 fighter jets.

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