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Russia Ready to Help Moldova Out of Its Political Quagmire

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Russia is interested in finding a peaceful solution to the Moldovan political crisis and is ready to provide assistance if needed, Russian Federation Council (upper house) Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said on Tuesday, according to TASS

"Peaceful settlement is only a domestic Moldovan political dialogue involving all political forces and everyone who loves their country and wants peace, stability and development. Russia, which cares about Moldova and its people, wants this political crisis to end. If we can provide any assistance we are ready to do this," Matviyenko said. 

According to the upper house speaker, both the Moldovan society and authorities seek a peaceful solution to the current crisis. "Although a coalition was created in the parliament and the parliament speaker and premier were elected, those people, who consider themselves as the owners of the country, are dissatisfied with this. This resulted in confrontation, speculation and an unbiased decision of the Constitutional Court and this does not contribute to ironing out the crisis," she stressed.

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