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PM: "Our Will Is Unshakable and Our Hand Will Not Flinch Against Those Who Try to Revive the Methods of Violence in the Republic of Armenia"

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of formation of the Police Force of the Republic of Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the General Directorate of the Police Troops.

Congratulating the Police Force, the Prime Minister noted: “The question of what has changed in the Republic of Armenia over the past year has a very specific answer in the police forces. For about a year, the Armenian police troops are on duty at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, guarding the peace and security of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, providing tangible and important assistance to the Armenian army.

On this festive day, I first of all want to thank those police officers who volunteered to defend the Motherland. I also want to thank those servicemen’s military families who supported them in making this decision. The decision to involve the Police Force in protecting the borders of the Republic of Armenia reflects our view of both the external and internal security of the Republic of Armenia,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the citizens, the Armenian people should be united in the matter of maintaining the external security of the Republic of Armenia.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, the idea of the internal security of the Republic of Armenia is also connected with this, because the police forces are supposed to prevent any manifestations of violence in the Republic of Armenia.

The Head of Government noted that by sending police troops to defend the Motherland, the Government expresses its vision of internal relations in the Republic of Armenia – we must have a society free from violence, where there are no intentions, any attempts and propaganda of resolving conflicts through violence.

“We are implementing this concept day by day, and we will implement it with consistent efforts. However, in this case, it seems that our desire to create an atmosphere of love and solidarity in the Republic of Armenia is sometimes interpreted as a weakness.

Today, I want to state clearly: let no one doubt that the Armenian government will ever show weakness or lack of will in the matter of protecting the constitutional order, the rights of citizens, sovereignty, freedom of citizens and democracy in the Republic of Armenia.

Our will is unshakable and our hand will not flinch in relation to those who may try to revive the propaganda of violence and methods of violence in the Republic of Armenia. Our hand will not falter, our determination will be unshakable,” the Prime Minister said.

Nikol Pashinyan stressed that the Government adheres to the same ideas in terms of protecting our external borders, protecting the security of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh.

“We stand for a lasting peace in our region. However, should there be forces attempting to interpret this aspiration as a manifestation of weakness, they will get a decisive counter-strike from our collective will, our collective strength, on the part of those police force representatives who are protecting the security and peace of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people.

Dear police officers,

I once again congratulate you on the 27th anniversary of the formation of Armenia’s Police Force. Our will is unshakable, we are firmly standing on our land, and no enemy, neither external nor internal, can shake our unity, and all enemies of the Republic of Armenia will face a definite defeat.

And therefore
long live the Republic of Armenia,
long live the Police Troops of the Republic of Armenia,
Long live we and our children who are living now and will live in a free and happy Armenia,” the Prime Minister concluded.

On the occasion of Police Troops Day, Nikol Pashinyan awarded a group of police officers with commemorative medals of the Prime Minister for conscientious performance of official duties.

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